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OSHA Compliance

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Are you aware that OSHA may fine you up to $7,000 for each non-compliant item on their checklist? Are you current on your MSDS/SDSs, Safety Training, and Safety Plans? Have you conducted your own workplace OSHA audit?

Get in OSHA compliance with our online OSHA Compliance Program, which includes:

  • Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS) management: Access millions of MSDS/SDSs
  • Safety Plan Builder: Complete all your OSHA required safety plans in minutes
  • Safety Audits: Are you OSHA compliant? Find out here.
  • Training: Safety training for your employees, including Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazcom, HIPAA, DoT, Fire Safety, and Electrical Safety
  • Federal Regulations: Find the answers you need instantly
  • and more…

Manage OSHA compliance via one powerful web portal.

We help manage your compliance needs with our one-stop online compliance solution. Compatible with your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, you can conveniently manage and protect your business anywhere, anytime.

Call us today at 855-636-9669 to get yourself in compliance.

OSHA Courses and Training Aids Content:

Here at MDMW we believe that safety and compliance is one of our customers most important priorities and unlike our competition we don’t put a price on the training and information you need for your healthcare facility in order to help keep you running efficiently. We do this for the purpose of promoting safety and health in the work place and to that extent, please feel free to view and share with your employees the following OSHA courses and training aids:

Disaster Response Training (includes blood-borne pathogens)-
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Emergency Preparedness (includes evacuation emergencies and workers safety)-
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Influenza Pandemic (OSHA course for healthcare professionals)-
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Influenza Pandemic (Preparedness for healthcare workers and employers)-
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Long-Term Care Worker Protection Program-
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OSHA Record keeping Training-
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Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous and Explosive Chemicals-
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Safe Patient Handling Techniques for Healthcare Providers-
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Safety and Health Management Systems Training-
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Safety Communication and Training Techniques-
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Workplace Violence Prevention-
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